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Social Media Management

Social Media Management

Today's business owners are faced with ever growing challenges in managing their businesses with social media.

Between Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Pintrest, Instagram and the company blog, managers must choose between hours maintaining these online environments and running their businesses. 

Add an additional layer of constant change and evolution in the social media landscape, many of our clients have found themselves throwing in the towel on Social Media with little understanding of its true benefits. 

The Value of Social Media

These rapidly developing tools can be a powerful ally for businesses looking to grow and expand their digital footprint.

Did you know that currently social media influences as much as 12% of your Search Engine Ranking?

Phirent Solutions is here to help.

Phirent Solutions provides its clients with ongoing, active social media support at a variety of levels, including:

  • providing unified messaging across all platforms
  • regularly scheduled content distribution
  • and rich analytics to help further determine true ROI. 
Call today to learn more about managed social media marketing services from Phirent Solutions. 

Helping our customers forget about marketing...one day at a time.

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