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Marketing Automation

MARKETING AUTOMATION is technology that allows you to nurture leads through automated campaigns. Because marketing automation uses email as one of its methods for engaging customers, we are often asked, "What is the difference between Marketing Automation and Email Marketing?" For small businesses, marketing automation is a tool to take your marketing to the next level while saving your organization's resources in the long run. Marketing automation builds upon your email marketing strategies to produce superior results.

In short, marketing automation uses technology to help you determine which stage of the buying process your customers are in, and to guide them to the next stage until they eventually buy your product. Instead of a marketing campaign with a single email, you can design campaigns with a series of emails and other customer engagements.
As an example, here is a very simple automated marketing campaign:

  • You email an invitation to a download a free report.
  • You send a thank you to the people who downloaded the report.
  • Based on the industry of the people who downloaded the report, you send them a case study about another customer in the same space.
  • If a customer clicked on the case study, you create an alert for the sales rep to follow up with the prospect.

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