Call Tracking

Call Tracking

Instant understanding of your customers, your marketing, and what is working!

Use Phirent Call Tracking to fully track the calls to your business based on campaigns and marketing sources. Track and route your calls based on a wide range of options, and then review recrodings of your calls to ensure the best customer experience possible.

Transform your perspective with Call Tracking. Get separate phone numbers for each marketing campaign, advertising peice, and sales collateral. Each number represents a detailed view of the effectiveness  of your marketing dollars.

Tracking Numbers

Get more from your phone numbers.

Through unique phone numbers that you associate with each advertising campaign, you gather vital information about potential customers and the ads that are generating the most revenue.

  • Our instantly activated local and toll-free phone numbers make it easy to control call routing and call tracking for as many numbers as your business requires.
  • Search through thousands of local and toll free numbers to find the right tracking number.
  • Buy as many or as few tracking numbers as you need. You can add and remove them anytime.

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Dynamic Numbers

Track every offline conversion.

Display unique phone numbers on your site based on how someone found your website to track which traffic sources generate phone calls and sales leads.

  • Easy to set up: Simply paste our snippet of code onto your website and assign referring sources to each of your tracking numbers. Based on the referral source of a visitor to your website, Call Tracking Metrics will dynamically display the phone number associated with that traffic source.
  • You will assign unique tracking numbers to each source/campaign you want to track (e.g. PPC, Google Organic, specific keywords, specific referring domains, specific ads etc).
  • View real-time reports showing which tracking numbers receive calls. Allows you to analyze conversion rates for each of your source/campaigns.

Call Routing

Get your calls into the right hands.

Update routing based on your office hours, direct toll-free callers to the nearest store, or distribute calls across multiple agents.

    • Looking to route calls by schedule? Using our simple interface, you can easily create custom routing for office hours, lunch, after hours, weekends, holidays and more.
    • Have multiple store locations or franchises? Route incoming phone calls by area code or zip code to your nearest location using Call Tracking Metrics’ geo-routing system.
    • Worried about missing calls? Configure a second receiving number to receive calls if a first receiving number doesn’t pick up.

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Call Management

Make the most of every call.

Armed with real-time information about each call lead, you can increase closure rates and up-skill your staff.

    • See demographic information instantly for callers (name, location, phone number).
    • Know which campaign led to the call as you answer the phone (view in call log and receiver will also hear a source announcement message over the phone prior to the call connecting).
    • View keyword that caller used to find your website.

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Determine campaigns with the highest ROI.

Interpret call activity by turning raw data into intuitive, real-time visual displays of your campaign performance.

    • Call Reports: View graphical display of calls by source, calls by day of week, calls by time of day, calls by landing page, calls by referring domain , and calls by keyword. How do calls get associated to a visitor?
    • Google Adwords PPC reports: View calls by adwords campaign, adgroup, match keyword, ad position, and ad format.

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