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Monday, 08 October 2012 16:45 Written by 

One More Facebook Security Issue for Parents to Worry about

As parents were always concerned about our children's personal information being out there on the net or worse being used by someone without your consent. Well, Facebook's at it again. In there quest to bring their stock price back its original IPO value, Facebook apps allows access to your children's data, without their or your approval.


Facebook is allowing access to your children's data through their friends permissions! As your children sign up for new applications, they are simply clicking or “allow” on all permissions, giving software developers access to almost 70 different permissions. Most of which are utterly invasive when it comes to your children's online privacy.

Who’s doing this?

Many of the most popular apps are using this insidious loophole, including Skype and Yahoo. What are parents to do? Here is step-by-step instructions to limit how your children's data can be used

Step 1: Log into your Facebook account.

FB Security1

Step 2: Go to Privacy Settings.

FB Security2

Step 3: Find Ads, Apps, and Websites

On the Privacy Settings Page, scroll down until you see a category for “Ads, Apps and Websites.” Click the “Edit Settings” link beside it.

FB Security3

Step 4: How People bring your info to apps they use.

The Apps, Games and Websites page will open. You’ll see a category for “How people bring your info to apps they use.” Click the “Edit Settings” button beside it.

FB Security4

Step 5: Un-Check Boxes

A box will pop up with a list of all the personal information that your friends’ apps can access. Uncheck all 17 boxes for the most privacy, or pick and choose the info you’re comfortable sharing. Hit the “Save Changes” button when you’re finished.

FB Security5

Article originally posted by Sarah Downey, Oct 4 2012 at https://www.abine.com/blog/2012/your-friends-are-sharing-your-info-through-facebook-apps-and-they-dont-even-know-it/
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