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Comprehensive Review of Joomla CCK Component K2

We have chosen to dedicate parts of this blog to give back to the open-source community that makes the Joomla CMS system possible.

As part of this effort, we will work to promote the extensions - components, modules and plugins - that go above and beyond in product development, support, and community. 

Today's review is of the Content Creation Kit (CCK) K2, by JoomlaWorks that replaces the default article system in Joomla. 

The component and core modules needed to implement this component in your Joomla site can be found at www.getK2.org.


Before we dig into some of the benefits of the K2 system, there are a few important items you must understand about our use and perspective in writing this blog. 

1. We use K2 exclusively to manage static content pages. K2 was designed as a much needed overhaul of the Joomla! 1.5 article system.

Prior to Joomla! 2.x, 3.x and later, categories were limited to only two levels: Sections and categories. It was impossible to nest categories to create truly deep and dynamic content structures. Additionally, Joomla 1.5 did not allow for a native comment system, video sharing, image handling, and social sharing. Each of these items required a third party application to accomplish the task. 

As of Joomla! 2.5.x, many of these items have been revamped in the core Joomla! article system. Because of our commitment and mastery of K2, we HAVE NOT tested the new and improved Joomla! article system, and therefore cannot speak to the advantages when compared to the later versions of Joomla!.

2. K2 is not the only option. We are also aware of several CCK systems such as ZOO and Sobi Pro. Each system has its benefits. We chose K2 for the community, flexibility, and cost - FREE. We are not comparing K2 to ZOO or Sobi, nor are we stating that K2 is a superior product. 

3. K2 Customization does require basic HTML and CSS understanding. K2 is a fantastic out of the box component where the most novice of Joomla! user can grasp the ease and flexibility of the component very quickly. It will work, and work well, with very little customization of the component immediately after installation. However, the templating capabilities, and stylization options are where K2 really excels. We will try to speak to all ends of the system.

4. WYSIWYG editor. For the Joomla! beginner, the WYSIWYG editor is the window you get where you type your page content. The default editor is extremely limited. Most Joomla! pros would tell you to head over to http://www.joomlacontenteditor.net/, and for roughly ~$40, pick up the industry standard in editors. 


With that out of the way, let's get started...

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