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Thursday, 23 August 2012 14:18 Written by 

Change is coming...!

Many things are changing and shifting around the virtual walls of Phirent Solutions and all of those on the team. 

We are anticipating a large number of new features and offerings coming in the next couple of months. We have been working with a variety of partners and vendors to create the best, more robust, and most agile user experience on the planet. 

Here's a highlight of what's happening...


Updated Phirent Website

Phirent's service offering is huge and expansive for our clients and putting the message together can be overwhelming. As a result we are launching our What We Solve section, to cover the most general problems that we encounter on a regular basis. 

Offerings include: 

Lighter, Fast, and more powerful Websites

Just when we thought our websites couldn't get any better, we are now learning of the next generation of website design and tools becoming available to our clients.

In the next couple of months, our clients will be able to see the following features hit their sites:

  • Lighter, faster code: Means faster sites for your customers
  • Mobile-ready with Responsive Web Design: No need to route your customers to an alternative site, our sites will now automatically adjust for the size of the browser, whether it's a 24" screen, iPad, or iPhone (or Droid).
  • New user interface and admin panel: Just plain easier to use.

Call-Tracking and Analytic Integration

Here's a tool that just got more affordable for all of our clients. Ever wonder if that $5000 ad is actually paying off? Well now we can tell exactly how much business it has gained. Give the ad it's own phone number, track and record the calls, and monitor conversions. It can all be handled from a single dashboard or integrated with your company's CRM. 

We definitely are looking forward to making these items a reality in the weeks and months to come. 


Jake Knight

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